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From the whole cultural diversity that has existed in the history of humanity, Mayas stand out like one of the most impressive cultures. This grade is not based on only its extraordinary achievements in ancient times, but also for its admirable continuity through time, that have allowed them keeping their habits and millenarian traditions. Before the Spanish conquest, Mayan civilization stood out in Middle America and in the whole American continent by unique achievements, among which we can mention the development of a logo-syllabic writing system, a vigesimal number system that included the concept of zero, the synchronization of over five calendar systems and the development of complex cities inside sylvan environments slightly propitious to support thousands of inhabitants. Besides, the architectonic, sculptural, pictorial and craft expressions of the ancient Mayan towns, rival the ones that have gathered documentary evidence in other regions of the world. Today, in spite of the impact that had the Spanish conquest and another series of most recent political conflicts, the Mayan populations have found a way to hold their culture, but always in agreement to modern times. His secret has been without a doubt the existence of an ideological and cosmogonical base that is expressed in rituals and ceremonies, but principally in the ordinariness of the daily life. Therefore, although no longer there are complex cities in the jungle and hieroglyphics texts, the Mayan culture maintains its essence through its language, religious practices and agricultural knowledge and ethnobotanists, as well as their mastery in the elaboration of linen goods and every kind of craftsmanship.




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