The northwest area of the Guatemalan highlands is located in the area of Huehuetenango, where the “Sierra de los Cuchumatanes”, which is located the highest of all the Maya area. The rugged geography has created natural barriers that define small valleys separate each other, reason for which is the most ethnically diverse in the country. There are concentrated groups Maya Mam, K’anjobal, Chuj, Sipakapense and Jakalteko, Awakateko, Tektiteko. The majority of these are the Mayan Mam, whose pre-Hispanic past is reflected in the site of Zaculeu, located on the outskirts of the city of Huehuetenango. Their current communities include Todos Santos Cuchumatán, whose inhabitants have preserved their colorful outfits, both female and male. It is common to find women using their traditional costumes in throughout the Maya Area, and there are few communities where the men using them, as it is the case of Nahuala, Solola, San Antonio Palopó, San Juan Atitán, Santiago Atitlán, San Pedro La Laguna and Santa Eulalia.

Then they began to sing and dance. All the people of Xibalba arrived and gathered together in order to see them. Then they performed the dance of the cux, they danced the puhuy, and they danced the iboy.