To the southeast is Yaxha, on the shores of the lake of the same name, which has five groups of Acropolis type of monumental dimensions and other buildings with many features similar to Tikal. Highlights the Structure 216, which offers a spectacular view of the lagoon, also the North Acropolis, the Twin Pyramids Complex and the lake. In the lagoon is the site of Topoxte, which was occupied mainly during the post-classic period. In the area of Yaxhá are other important cities such as Nakum, whose acropolis has the longest palace of Petén; and Naranjo, another of the largest cities, that rivaled Tikal and took control in the eastern part of Petén. Stands out the figure of a woman, called Wak Chan, whose reign marked the peak of the site. Other sites that you can visit in the eastern part of Petén are San ClementeTzikin Tzakán and La Blanca, all dated to the end of the classic, you will be able to see monumental palaces there.

Great was their wisdom; their sight reached to the forests, the rocks, the lakes, the seas, the mountains, and the valleys. In truth, they were admirable men. Balam-Quitzé, Balam-Acab, Mahucutah, and Iqui-Balam.