The Mayan group K’aqchikel is located in the central part of the country, mainly in the departments of Chimaltenango, Sololá and Sacatepéquez. Its pre-Hispanic past are represented by the archaeological sites of Iximché and Jilotepeque Viejo, both located in hills surrounded by ravines. Iximche’ was the capital of the most powerful lineage of the K’aqchikeles, who, at the coming of the Spaniards, already vying with the K’iché’s for dominance of the Mayan highlands. For that reason, they established an alliance with the Spaniards and was at Iximche’ where he was founded the first city of Guatemala, word that is derived from the nahuatl Quahutemallan, meaning “Tierra de Arboles” or “Tierra de Aguilas” which means “Land of Trees” or “Land of Eagles”. Among its most representative communities are Tecpan Guatemala, Sololá, San Martín Jilotepeque and San Juan Sacateéquez, San Juan Comalapa. The latter is characterized by the large number of painters, which represent a primitivism style or “naif” originated in the mid-20th century. Lake Atitlán, which is one of the main natural attractions from across the country located in the Department of Sololá. Twelve towns settled in its banks, are characterized by the development of numerous crafts wood, tulle and other materials. The south side of the Lake belongs to the territory of the Mayan group Tz’utujil, located mostly in the towns of San Pedro La Laguna and Santiago Atitlan, San Lucas Tolimán. In Santiago Atitlan, you can see a statue known as Maximón, who represents a pre-Columbian deity associated with the mountains and the underworld, which has merged with several Catholic characters, especially the figure of Judas. During Holy week, Maximón is the main actor, which is procession with the image of Jesus Christ, thus indicating the complementary nature of identities, Maya and Christian.

You, corn; you, tzité; you, fate; you, creature; get together, take each other,” they said to the corn, to the tzité, to fate, to the creature. “Come to sacrifice here, Heart of Heaven; do not punish Tepeu and Gucumatz!