North of Peten is El Mirador, the largest Maya city of the pre-classic, which has enormous constructions such as the Danta Complex, which rises by 229 feet and is the greatest built throughout the history of the Mayans. Other monumental complexes are the Tiger, Monkey, Lion and the Central Acropolis, that contains a reservoir of water decorated with a little bit of stucco with water and mythological topics. The structure 34, or Temple of the Jaguar Claw, preserves masks with Jaguar attributes. In this area also are two other monumental sites: Nakbé and El Tintal, which were abandoned along with El Mirador at the end of the pre-classic. The nearby site of La Florida consists of a residential area of the classical period.

Then they planned the creation, and the growth of the trees and the thickets and the birth of life and the creation of man. Thus it was arranged in the darkness and in the night by the Heart of Heaven who is called Huracán.