In the Sierra de Chamá are many formations, which highlight the Candelaria Caves, whose underground river extends for over 5 miles. The colonial chronicles suggest that these caves were considered as the true entry at Xibalba, the underworld. The Mayan Group Poqomchi’ is also located in this area, in communities such as Tactic and Purulha, inhabited by the Quetzal, national bird of Guatemala, and that was very appreciated by the pre-Columbian Maya, since its long tail feathers were used for their headdresses. In Cobán is held annually the National Folk Festival, where it is elected the Queen Rabin Ajaw, which brings together representatives of all the indigenous communities of the country.

… they worked many miracles. They burned houses as though they really were burning and instantly they were as they had been before. 3 Many of those of Xibalba watched them in wonder.