Santa Leticia

The Apaneca region is a mountainous region of Ahuachapán, which contains numerous natural attractions and an archaeological zone with important vestiges of the Pre-Classic period. The site of Santa Leticia, located inside the hotel of the same name, where three sculptures of the “Chubby” style, which was distributed by the Pacific coast and the Mayan Highlands at the beginning of the late Pre-classic, although some examples have appeared in other more distant places like Tikal stands out. The archaeological site is characterized by its location on the mountainside Apaneca, with a main plaza that was built by a large terrace. Structures 1 and 2 define the square in its North and west sides while the three sculptures or “Chubby” are aligned at the East end of the plaza, in a North-South axis.

The structure 3, located on a higher terrace, is the largest site building. Monument 1 is the largest, while the monument 2 is split into two halves. As all the sculptures of this style, the three pot-bellied Santa Leticia show traits of obese people and have their eyes closed and arms down, in a loose way. Its most visible feature is prominent navels with a shape of discs. Recently, a discovery of a stela and three sculptures of style “Jaguar Heads” happened in the town of Concepción de Ataco, there are exhibited in the municipal museum. These sculptures of characterized by traits that combine features human and feline, such as prominent front teeth, eyebrows in the form of scrolls, mouths with lips twisted upward and a dual symbolism that makes these asymmetrical faces. All this has been interpreted as part of a shamanic cult, where the Jaguars duality refers to States of altered consciousness.

“What can we make that will speak and pray? asks Our Grandfather.