The area of the Bay of Chetumal was of great importance as a commercial port, especially during the Post-classic period. The most important pre-Hispanic settlement was Santa Rita Corozal, the location of which allowed him to control the trade by the Hondo River and Nuevo River, which connected the coast of the Caribbean with the interior of the Maya lowlands. Unfortunately, the growth of the city of Corozal has destroyed the majority of the archaeological site, including the Structure 1 containing murals dating to the late Post classic. Today some buildings can be seen on the outskirts, especially the Structure 7, which was the largest site with its 55 ft. height. Santa Rita was the capital of the province of Chactemal to the arrival of the Spaniards, which could never be submitted, with the help of Gonzalo Guerrero, Spanish castaway who was married to the daughter of the local governor. For this reason, considered the children of Guerrero as the first mestizos of the continent, and Chetumal as the “cradle of miscegenation”.

And the Forefathers asked: ‘Shall there be only silence and calm under the trees, under the vines? It is well that hereafter there be someone to guard them.”