The site of La Milpa is the third largest in Belize and is located in the extreme northwest of the Orange Walk District, as part of the Rio Bravo Conservation and Management Area, which is the country’s largest nature reserve. Its surroundings are jungle, with high altitude trees and flooding low around their living areas. The central group consisting of three squares. The square or Gran Plaza contains a row of three pyramidal buildings on its side this being Structure 3 the highest site, with 78 ft. high. It also contains two ball courts, a structure long type “Palace” on the South side (Structure 8) and an acropolis on the west side. B and C Squares have mostly residential groups and are delimited on its south side by the great southern Acropolis, which is the largest architectural complex site. To the south lies the site of Chan Chich, located in the hotel of the same name. It is a settlement of medium-sized, whose central area or Plaza A includes a court ball game and oversized as the Aa-1 structure buildings. To the west is Occidental Square and the Temple of Norman.

You, deer, shall sleep in the fields by the river bank and in the ravines. Here you shall be amongst the thicket, amongst the pasture; in the woods you shall multiply, you shall walk on four feet and they will support you. Thus be it done!