The archaeological site of Cerros is located directly on the shore of the sea, to the South of Chetumal Bay and within The Cerro Maya archaeological reserve. Their occupation was largely from the late Pre-classic, when it built its three architectural groups decorated with complex masks of stucco, which highlights the Structure 5 C-Sub2, located to the North of the site. The structure 4B is the highest site, 72 ft. height and the Structures 5C and 6B conforming a triadic group, characteristic of the late Pre-classic cities. All the ceremonial precinct was surrounded by a semicircular canal, possibly defensive functions and drainage, or simply to delimit the space sacred. To the South is the Cuellosite, containing some of the earliest evidence in all the lowlands. Excavations at the Platform 34 found dwellings dating to 1,000 B.C.

So they said when they meditated and talked. Promptly the deer and the birds were created. immediately they gave homes to the deer and the birds.