The archaeological site of Altun Ha is on a plain relatively close the coast and the current city of Belize. Its A-1 Temple is remarkable because it housed the “Tumba Verde”, a grave of more than 300 pieces of jade. The largest building site, known as B-4 temple or Temple of the Masonry Altars, has 59 ft. height and 8 constructive stages. Inside were found seven tombs of important characters, the most important being the Tomb B-4/7, containing within its offerings an effigy of the head of the god of sun K jade’ K’inich Ajaw, which with its 10-pound weight is known to the Maya Area largest jade artifact.

“You shall live in the trees and in the vines. There you shall make your nests; there you shall multiply; there you shall increase in the branches of the trees and in the vines.” Thus the deer and the birds were told; they did their duty at once, and all sought their homes and their nests.